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30-06 AMMO IN STOCK. In 1906, the US Army introduced the 30-06 Springfield cartridge, which was later standardized. It was still in use in the late 1970s. The digit “30” refers to the bullet’s caliber in inches. The “06” denotes the year the cartridge was introduced, that was 1906.


It was designed to take the place of the 30-03, 6mm Lee Navy, and 30-40 Krag cartridges. The 30-06 became the standard rifle and gun cartridge of the United States Army for nearly 50 years until being replaced by the 7.6251mm NATO and 5.5645mm NATO, both of which are still used in the United States and NATO. It is still a popular sporting cartridge, with ammo available from all manufacturers.


The 30-06 cartridge was created envisioning the shots of 1,000 yards.  The original M1906 30-06 cartridge had a flat-base cupronickel-jacketed bullet weighing 150 grains. After World War I, the US army required more powerful machine guns with long-range. A streamlined, 173 grains boattail, gilding-metal bullet was used, depending on weaponry performance reviews from Europe. Cartridge, 30, M1 ball was the term given to the 30-06 cartridge with a bullet weighing 173 grains.

More About 30-06 Ammo

The 30-06 cartridge was far more powerful than the Japanese 6.550mm Arisaka cartridge and equivalent to the 7.758mm Arisaka cartridge. The new M1 ammunition outperformed the M1906 round in terms of accuracy.The smokeless powder 30-40 Krag rimmed cartridge was adopted by the US military in the early 1890s. A 220-grain (14 g) round-nose bullet was used in the 1894 edition of the cartridge.


The United States began creating an experimental rimless cartridge for a Rifle action with box magazines in 1901. The 1903 30-03 rimless military round, which used the same 220-grain round-nose bullet as the Krag, was indeed the result of this. The 30-03 had a muzzle velocity of 2,300 feet per second.This cartridge is available from a variety of vendors in our store. The top manufacturing brands are our best-selling items. On our shelves, you’ll find a variety of 30-06 Springfield ammo from various manufacturers.


Best-selling 30-06 Springfield


Hornady: Hornady is the most popular brand when it comes to ammunition. The Hornady 30-06 Springfield has a bullet weight of around 125 grains. Its bullet has a Polymer Tip and its case is made of brass. It has 2700 fps of muzzle velocity and 2023 ft lb of muzzle energy.


Federal: Federal another big name in the ammunition industry. The Federal 30-06 Springfield has 2740 fps of muzzle velocity and its muzzle energy is 2500 foot pounds. Its bullet weight is 150grain and its bullet type is full metal jacket. Moreover, in its case it is made up of brass.


Winchester: Winchester is a well-known ammunition manufacturing company. The Winchester 30-06 Springfield has a bullet weight of around 180 grains. Its case is brass-made and the bullet has a bonded jacketed hollow point. Its muzzle velocity is around 2700 fps and its muzzle energy is 2913 Foot Pounds. Available at budget-friendly prices at stores.


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