6.8 Western Ammo For Sale

The 6.8 Western offers “amazing long-range exactness, low backlash, and stunning knockdown power when you want it for both long-range shooting and hunting.” That’s a great deal to guarantee from any type, however with slugs moving toward 30 type loads of 165 gr and up with higher ballistic coefficients (BC) being offered, the 6.8 ammo is designed to convey magnum execution with milder force than their long-activity partners.
The underpinning of the 6.8 Western ammunition is a changed 270 Winchester Short Magnum case that is abbreviated to account for new longer, heavier, high BC slugs. With .277 type projectiles generally in the 130-150 grain range, Winchester worked with Sierra® and Nosler® to foster heavier shot contributions for the 6.8 ammunition (up to 175 gr.) that offer shooters expanded infiltration contrasted with existing .277 type and 6.5mm slugs.

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