410 Ammo For Sale

410 ammo is popular shotgun ammunition, widely used in hunting and target shooting. 

410 ammo is a type of shotgun ammunition that uses a .410 bore (.410 gauge) for its projectile size. It is available in various calibers and can be used for multiple purposes, including small game hunting, clay shooting, and trap shooting. The 410 caliber is the first choice for hunters and target shooters because it has the best range and penetration while maintaining high velocity.

 .410 caliber shotgun has been around since the late 1800s, and its use has always been limited to hunting small game like birds and rabbits because of the lack of power. This changed in the early 2000s when ammunition manufacturers started producing quality ammo that could be fired from a .410 shotgun without too much recoil.

What Makes 410 Ammo Stand Out?

410 ammo is high-performance ammunition designed for law enforcement, military, and other professionals. It has been made to be the perfect choice for law enforcement agencies, with its unmatched product design and performance.

410 ammo has been tested extensively by law enforcement agencies and military organizations. Its ammunition design and performance are unmatched in the market today, making it a favourite among law enforcement officials.

410 gauge ammo offers a significant advantage over other types of ammunition because it uses less powder, which results in lower recoil and less muzzle flash when firing the weapon. 410 gauge ammo also uses smaller pellets, which means that the shot pattern can be spread out more than other types of ammunition.


The .410 was initially designed for farmers to hunt birds and small game. Farmers would shoot these birds and small game with a shotgun loaded with shotshells, which were difficult to load into the gun’s magazine as they were too big to fit.

Today, most hunters still use a .410 shotgun because it is easy to carry and handle, making it ideal for hunting small animals like rabbits, squirrels, and quail. The size of the shells also makes it easier to carry more ammunition without having the gun weigh down too much.

John Stevens founded the J. Stevens Company in 1852. The company expanded into other areas of firearms, ammunition, and mining equipment but is best known for manufacturing the world’s first automatic rifle by first introducing the .22 rifle. 410 ammo for sale


● Exceptional reloadability and dependability

● Wads AA

● Primer and Powder of the Highest Quality

● Hull with Extra Strength

● Designed specifically to lessen felt recoil and improve pattern performance.

● Patterns that are tighter and harder to hit

● Proven to be a difficult shot

● Burning that is consistent, predictable, and clean

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