5.7×28 Ammo for Sale 

5.7×28 ammo for sale is a popular long-range smokeless cartridge. 5.7×28 bullet is famous for its high velocity and features. The production started in 1990, marking the 20th anniversary of FN Herstal. Marc Neuforge and Jean-Paul created the unique 5.7×28 ammo for shooting at close-range. Depending on the manufacturer, its high muzzle velocity ranges from around 2350 fps to 2800 fps. 

The 5.7×28 gained popularity worldwide for shooting at both long and short-range targets. If you compare the 5.7×28 with other popular cartridges like .30mm or 9mm, you will find out that it has more incredible muzzle velocity. That is why the 5.7×28 can penetrate targets from long-range. It can be used as a personal defense weapon because it is very effective. 

Its length makes it suitable for both semi-automatic and automatic pistols and rifles. This cartridge has rimless and bottleneck cases. The size of the matter is around 1.594 inches. Its shoulder diameter is approximately 7.9mm that extends to the rim. The rim is 1.14mm thick and 7.8mm in diameter. Its bullet is .224 inches in diameter, smaller than the 25-inch neck. 

5.7×28 ammo can be used for personal defense and home security. What makes it an ideal choice for self-defense is its penetrating abilities. Moreover, it can be used for military and police uses. Even the law enforcement departments can use the 5.7×28 ammo. It is an excellent choice because of its accuracy, range, and incredible performance. 

It is the perfect choice if you want the flat trajectory and the ability to penetrate soft body armor in the cartridge. However, this cartridge will always be in low supply because of its great demand in the market. Many manufacturers produce these cartridges, but we work the best in the market. You can buy the 5.7×28 ammo from any of the top manufacturers from our store. 

Best-selling 5.7X28 Ammo 

1. Federal is a famous ammunition brand. This company manufactures the best quality ammunition. The Federal 5.7×28 ammo performs incredibly. It is an excellent choice for you to use. 

2. Speer Gold Dot is one of the famous names for ammunition. The Speer Gold Dot 5.7X28 ammo is superb for personal defense and home security. It is very affordable and performs amazingly. 

3. Hornady is the top ammunition brand that makes the best cartridges. Its products are always made with high-quality material, and its performance is superb. It is very budget-friendly and suitable for you. 

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